Special Thanks -Fees for the future Project.

Thank you for giving to our project on Global Giving school fees for the future, your contribution is supporting education here in Kenya. In the coming month you will know how your contribution is being put to work and the results that are being achieved.
We wanted to take this opportunity to express our most genuine thanks. This fundraising would not have gained the global attention that we have without our partnership with you, who as part of its longstanding commitment to elevating education here in Kenya more so globally, has gone above and beyond in support of Matungu community development charity, the School fees for the future project on global giving and our passionate community.
Furthermore, this would not have been possible without our incredible friends in Canada and their innovative skills in fundraising. Most notably Eric Wright, we wanted to thank you. It is with your support -and only with your support—that the incredible fundraising showcased on this website will be able to scale up ventures that future generations will remember as having defined progress in our time. All of us at Matungu Community Development Charity are forever indebted to you.