Education Programs

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Entrepreneurship Training – 01/12/2010 – 31/12/2010
The Matungu Community Development Charity trained 120 youth within Matungu District about how to develop and manage a small business. The program took place over 10 sessions and was supported by KCDF (Kenya Community Development Foundation) and led by educators from ACKWRCCS (Anglican Church of Kenya Western Regions Christian Community Services). Topics covered included business planning, record-keeping, marketing, budgeting and value addition.  Out of this session, many young people were able to successfully develop business plans. Of the original trainees, 40 people have successfully started their own businesses and some have received funding through local micro-enterprise institutions.

CBO (Community Based Organization) Training – 30/04/2010 – 02/07/2010
The Matungu Community Development Charity invited the leaders and managers of over 40 other CBOs in the region to come and learn about management practices over five days. Topics covered included ‘How to structure a CBO?’, legal issues surrounding CBOs and issues pertaining to the insurance of CBOs. These trainings spawned a new umbrella organization for CBOs in the region, the ‘Matungu Youth Network’, dedicated to working together to spearhead community development in the district.

Computer Training – 01/12/2010 – 31/12/2010
The charity sponsored training for 20 members and invitees from other organizations in basic computer skills.  The training was led by members of the DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust).  Topics covered included the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Microsoft Windows, notepad, and internet browsing.  The intention of the program was to give the trainees a basic level of computer literacy.