Fees for the Future

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Welcome to our Fees for the Future Project.

Project Goal and Vision

The goal of the project is simple: In our community, hundreds of children either lack outright the money necessary to attend school or are unable to pay their school fees in full, which results in the underfunding of the schools. Some parents also lack the necessary funds to buy the mandatory uniform for their child to attend school.

In many of these cases, parents are forced to make a perverse decision – either they put food on the table or they send their children to school. Our goals for this project in order of priority are: a) To pay the school fees and provide uniforms for the most needy children, those who for want of funds cannot at present go to school, b) To help pay for the school fees of those children whose parents cannot pay them in full, which currently jeopardizes the quality of the education they receive.

Our initial project goal is to reach out to around 25-50 primary aged children through the provision of school fees and uniforms. Check our project budget here. This initial budget includes enough funds to pay the full annual tuition of 25 children and provide 25 uniforms. At a very minimum then, 25 children who would not have learned to read and write will now have a future if we reach our goals. Depending on your continuing support and the percentage of people who need uniforms vs. fees, we hope to grow the project to help more and more children in the community attend school in the future.

How The Project Works

The project works by parents/guardians of children first filling out this form. Once we have gathered information for fifty children, we intend to begin funding the most needy children by providing monies directly to the child’s school, thus ensuring that the money is spent on school fees and not by the family for purposes other than school. Our project is funded by well-wishers from across the globe through the site globalgiving.org.

Where We Work
The project has initially identified five target schools. If we have success at these schools, other schools in the Matungu District will be added to the project. Principals and headmasters that we have contacted at these schools have expressed overwhelming support and commitment to our project. The following schools are part of our project: Munami Primary, Munami Secondary, St. Charles Lung’Angiro Mixed Secondary School, Lung’Angiro Primary and St. Teresa’s Itete Secondary School. All are Kenyan public schools.

Donor Information and Rights
Whether you donate to our project or not, we invite you to keep up to date by checking out the Donor Feedback blog on this site. You can enter your email to subscribe to our updates. In addition to this blog, donors will receive confirmation via email of school fees paid or uniforms purchased through the provision of receipts, which all schools have committed to providing the charity with.

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