Resources & Accomplishments

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Our strongest resource is our community participants. We currently have over 11 trained youth group members volunteering daily for 4 hours a day to help the CBO grow. They have also committed to providing labor and land for demonstration plots and learning sites for future programs.

We have a computer and printer and can conduct research on it and print the findings to share with community members. We have been trained in basic computer literacy skills and plan to share that information by training more of the community. This can provide an inexpensive way to access knowledge and create global connections so we can achieve our goals.


HIV/AIDS Advocacy

We distribute condoms at no charge to anyone in the community and reading material regarding the prevention and treatment/management of HIV/AIDS.  In the past, we have performed skits and songs to local groups about the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Agriculture Training

We trained 30 men and women in organic farming, mixed farming (using livestock and crops in tandem), agro-forestry (planting crops with trees to reduce soil erosion), the growing of curcurbits and fish-farming (aquaculture). We were assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture to develop lesson plans for the farmers. The outcome of the training was that we were able to set up five demonstration plots to grow watermelon.

Entrepreneurship Training

We trained 120 youth on developing and managing a small business. The program took place over 10 sessions and was supported by Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) and led by educators from Anglican Church of Kenya Western Regions Christian Community Services (ACKWRCCS). Topics covered included business planning, record-keeping, marketing, budgeting and value addition.  Many young people were able to successfully develop business plans from this training. Of the original trainees, 40 people have successfully started their own businesses and some have received funding through local micro-enterprise institutions.

Computer Training

Digital Opportunity Trust interns (DOT) led the training of 20 community members and invitees from other organizations in basic computer skills. Topics covered included the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Microsoft Windows, notepad, and internet browsing.  The intention of the program was to give the trainees a basic level of computer literacy.

CBO (Community Based Organization) Training

We hosted the leaders and managers of over 40 other CBOs in the region to come and learn about management practices over five days. Topics covered included ‘How to structure a CBO?’, legal issues surrounding CBOs and issues pertaining to the insurance of CBOs. These trainings spawned a new umbrella organization for CBOs in the region, the ‘Matungu Youth Network’, dedicated to working together to spearhead community development in the district.

School Fees for the Future

We provided funds for 15 primary school-aged children to pay for  public school.

Njaa Marufuku

We are currently managing a fish pond funded by Economic stimulus programme (ESP) unded by Government under minstry of agirculture.

Naaip program

We provided training and farm inputs to help implement maize production projects for 30 group members.

We registered 100 youth farmers within the district who are helping in Amaranth production. The group received resource material from organic farmer magazine. We were able to discuss this issues affecting youth within our communities and documented the information.
We trained 20 Training of Trainers to help the community training and engage community in sustainable livelihood projects.
We established two acres for demonstration plots for orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) learning.
We trained 500 youth and created 200 business plans for youth ready to share with the community around Matungu.
We established a seed bank so community members have access to seeds for planting maize, local vegetable and Amaranth.
We established a compost manure site for learning how to create natural fertilizer.
We established production/ distribution of nutritional flour from Amaranth.