Who We Are

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Matungu Community Development Charity (MCDC) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in 2011 and registered as a self-help group by the Department of Social Services and Development, Republic of Kenya. MCDC is a vibrant and innovative grass-root organization that spearheads initiatives for sustainable communities around Kakamega County. Since 2005 our community members have been devoting their time and resources to respond to the needs of our under-represented vulnerable groups in the Matungu sub-County of Western Kenya (Munami).

MCDC was formed by like-minded young people residing in rural parts of Kakamega County and beyond, who were impacted by myriad problems, including idleness and unemployment, substance abuse, school drop-outs, unwanted pregnancies, unhealthy boy-girl relationships, peer influence/ pressure, sexually transmitted infections and other ailments, environmental mismanagement, orphans and lack of ability to meet some basic needs. The pioneer members created this CBO to mobilize youth to take a proactive role in ameliorating these issues as well as challenges with food security and nutrition, the environment/climate change effects and health and other socio-economic problems.

MCDC is run by a group of proactive, experienced and trained personnel and volunteers. We work in the spirit of community service, collective responsibility, teamwork, environmental stewardship and volunteerism.

MCDC operates on the principle of using integrated opportunities to tackle our challenges and to accommodate the diverse backgrounds and interests of the people involved. We also recognize gender concerns in our society and we aim to achieve social justice, equity and poverty alleviation.

Vincent and his dad, Patrick

Vincent and his dad, Patrick

Mama Lucia, Vincent's grandmother and seated right is Flowrance Auma Owour

Mama Lucia, Vincent’s grandmother and Flowrance Auma Owour

Working hard

Working hard to bring cane grass to feed the cow